The Copper Series

Chiming EL84 cleans, expressive mid-gain sweetness and rich classic rock roar

Copper_Ped_01 (low res).png
V4 The Copper

Classic EL84 chime and rock, based on our VC35 Copper and Copper Deluxe amplifiers

VC35 The Copper Deluxe Combo

Our Copper Deluxe gets a wide body combo version, complete with a 1x12" Celestion G12 Alnico Gold speaker.

VC35 The Copper

Chiming cleans to royal overdrive: a hot-rodded four EL84 head for pop, rock, roots and more

VC35 The Copper Deluxe

Our four EL-84 amp gets the Deluxe treatment with valve-driven spring reverb and tremolo. British-inspired low and medium gain bliss

Recommended Cabinets

V112 Gold


Our premium Wide Body open-back 1 x 12 extension cabinet. It uses a Celestion Alnico Gold speaker that partners exceptionally well with VC35 The Copper Deluxe.

V212 VB Gold


A version of our standard vertical 2 x 12 open-back extension cabinet with Celestion Alnico Gold speakers. It features pine top, bottom and sides that helps keep it relatively lightweight with wonderful resonance, yet still with a small footprint on stage.