The Duchess Series

Vintage-style American cleans to vintage British break-up. 

V4 The Duchess Guitar Amp

Powerful, ultra-compact and lightweight single-channel guitar amplifier for home, studio and live stages.

DP40 The Duchess

A collaboration with Peter 'Danish Pete' Honore, this signature Duchess has a slightly tweaked reverb circuit.

V140 Super Duchess

Huge clean headroom or vintage drive in an incredibly responsive single channel amp. One for the feel players… and then some.

V40 The Duchess Compact

Vintage-style American cleans to vintage British break-up. Great with your pedals too

V40 Deluxe

Single channel with valve-driven tremolo and reverb. This is one for the 'feel' players

'There’s an immediacy and responsiveness to the Super Duchess that although incredibly revealing - "with great power [amp] comes great responsibility” etc - is immensely rewarding when you get it right.'

Chris Buck

Recommended Cabinets

Vic_V112C_frontCUT recolour.png


The perfect compact, open-backed cabinet for the Duchess, with a G12M-65 Creamback so it's a little sweeter at lower volumes than the H-75 version.



Designed for the V40 Deluxe, this 1x12 wide body, open-backed cab is perfect if you want an overall 'bigger' sound than the V112-C with it's H-75 Creamback.  



This open-backed 2x12 uses a pair of Celestion G12M-65 Creamback speakers. It has all the vibe of your favourite vintage cab, but with a stage- and car-friendly footprint, and easy one-hand carry.



Solid pine top, bottom, sides and back, then loaded with four Celestion G12M-65 12-inch  Creamback speakers for the ultimate in power, projection and bottom-end response. Perfect for to partner with the Super Duchess.