The Jack Series

Power, portability and incredible versatility: the Victory amps all-rounder

Jack_Ped_Hero_01_(low res).png
V4 The Jack Preamp

Clean and overdrive modes based on V30 The Jack developed with Guthrie Govan

V130 The Super Jack

100 watts and four footswitchable all-valve modes. 

Staggering versatility with power aplenty for any stage

V30 The Jack MKII

Power, Portability and incredible versatility: the Compact Series all-rounder

'I’ve been using this thing not only as my “go to” touring amp but also as a kind of “Swiss Army knife” in the recording studio… and It’s coped effortlessly with every sonic challenge I’ve been able to throw at it.'

Guthrie Govan

Recommended Cabinets



This super compact 1x12 cabinet is the go-anywhere, one-hand carry that will get you heard loud and clear. One Celestion Vintage 30, semi-open-back, perfect for your V30 Countess.



Our 'standard' vertical 2x12 uses a pair of Celestion Vintage 30 speakers in a closed-back design. This configuration provides the V130 with the maximum punch, aggression, definition, efficiency and projection. 



Our traditional closed-back 2x12 uses a pair of Celestion Vintage 30 speakers in a horizontal configuration. This oversize 212 has huge bottom-end response and fatness.



All the build and spec details of the Traditional 2x12, just with twice as many speakers! It is the ultimate in power, projection and bottom-end response.

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