Duchess Family / V112-Neo


Built to be used with the V4 Duchess it contains a single Neo 250 Copperback speaker perfect for handling 180 watts from the V4 amp series.

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Vic V112 Neo Duchess Back


A light, powerful and portable rig when paired with V4 The Duchess Guitar Amp.​


The Neo 250 Copperback is a very powerful, efficient speaker that uses a neodymium magnet (instead of the more common and much heavier ceramic or alnico). As such it is a very transparent sounding speaker that does not have the cone break-up or midrange growl of a more traditional Celestion speaker. It’s worth keeping this in mind when you set EQ and/or put a mic in front of it. Tremendous power and clarity is what you get.

We recommend it for anyone wanting to run V4 The Duchess Guitar Amp at its full 180 watts into 4-ohms.

Tech Spec

  • Power Handling:

    250 Watts

  • Impedance:

    4 Ohms

  • Speaker:

    1 x Celestion Neo 250 Copperback

  • Size (mm):

    480(w) x 480(h) x 292(d)

  • Weight:



Our speaker cabinets are hand built in England using redwood pine for top and sides and quality Baltic birch ply for backs and baffles. Our speaker baffles are angled back by 2-3 degrees to help with projection towards you when you’re playing. They’re finished in black bronco vinyl (cream for the V112C and V212VC) with vintage black woven grille cloth to match aesthetically – and of course tonally – with our heads.

Why choose anything less for your Victory amplifier?