The Sheriff Series

Classic British overdrive, Victory-style

V4 Sheriff Preamp

Classic rock and modded ‘plexi’ tones based on our Sheriff 22 & Sheriff 44 amplifiers

Sheriff 44

Classic British overdrive, Victory-style! Expect 1960s-style blues rock to 70s and 80s heavy rock and beyond.

Sheriff 22

This dual-channel, EL84-powered amp is all about classic British overdrive sounds, housed in the same light and portable metal chassis 

Recommended Cabinet



Paired with the Sheriff family of amps, this highly portable 112 cabinet with a Celestion G12M-65 Creamback gives a 'woody' tone and adds colour at medium gain sounds.



This 212 has a mix of Celestion Vintage 30 & G12H Anniversary speakers in a closed-back design. It was developed especially for the Sheriff series amplifier heads.

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