Victory Amplifiers are born in England, where they are proudly designed and built by our committed team of engineers and craftspeople. We value simplicity in operation, flexibility in use and absolutely no compromise in tone. Our aim is simple: to create amplifiers that inspire you ever onwards in your playing and never let you down. 

Our head designer is Martin Kidd who is well known in British amplification circles. He heads up a modern-boutique approach to design and specification. We use meticulously hand-wired tag boards where we feel that method offers the biggest tonal benefits, alongside printed circuit boards where they make most sense. We never compromise on components, from caps and resistors, pots and switches, right through to our custom designed transformers. 

Victory Amps always deliver excellent value for money. That's partly because they're designed and built to sound great and be professionally roadworthy, but also because Victory does not use third-party distribution channels. We have our amps shipped directly from our manufacturing facility to dealers, which enables us to keep prices extremely competitive when compared with other boutique and custom builders. 

But don't take our word for it – visit a Victory Dealer and let our amplifiers speak loud and proud for themselves. 

NEW! V4 The Duchess Guitar Amp

180-watts of power, all-valve V4 preamp, in-built reverb & tremolo. Only 1.7kg/3.75lbs, great for home, stage and studio.

Victory has always valued portability and great tone.
In 2019 we introduced the V4 Pedal Preamps, the world's first guitar pedal preamps with four valves. The new V4 Guitar Amp was the obvious way forward: let's add a lightweight power section to that all-valve front end. We've also included an effects loop, balanced DI out and on-board digital reverb and tremolo. 
The result is a simple, professional-grade guitar amp that you can take anywhere.
The V4 Guitar Amp will run happily without a speaker load if you just want to use the direct output... or run a speaker cab and DI however you see fit.
It's quite the little box!   Victory chief designer, Martin Kidd.

NEW! VC35 The Copper Deluxe

VC35 Deluxe Head & Combo

the latest addition to the Victory Heritage Series

VC35 The Copper Deluxe

“A unique tone and feel with a specific kind of high-end and overdrive that differs from any of our other amps." Victory chief designer, Martin Kidd.
The VC35 The Copper has gone down so well that it just made sense to offer the Deluxe version as both a 35-watt all-valve head and 1x12 combo. A single-channel amp using four EL84 power valves and valve-driven spring reverb and tremolo for timeless British-inspired pop, rock and roots tones.
Following the great success of the Compact and Heritage Series RK50 models, we've teamed up with Richie Kotzen again for this very special run of amps.
Alongside his own heads, we have built 20 identical limited edition amps, complete with a signed number panel by Richie himself.


Amplifier Walk-Throughs

Martin Kidd talks through how to use the controls on your amplifier


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