Our Story

Victory Amplifiers are born in England, where they are proudly designed and built by our committed team of engineers and craftspeople. We value simplicity in operation, flexibility in use and absolutely no compromise in tone. Our aim is simple: to create amplifiers that inspire you ever onwards in your playing and never let you down.

Our head designer is Martin Kidd who is well known in British amplification circles. He heads up a modern-boutique approach to design and specification. We use meticulously hand-wired tag boards where we feel that method offers the biggest tonal benefits, alongside printed circuit boards where they make most sense. We never compromise on components, from caps and resistors, pots and switches, right through to our custom designed transformers.

Victory Amps always deliver excellent value for money. That’s partly because they’re designed and built to sound great and be professionally roadworthy, but also because Victory does not use third-party distribution channels. We have our amps shipped directly from our manufacturing facility to dealers, which enables us to keep prices extremely competitive when compared with other boutique and custom builders.

But don’t take our word for it – visit a Victory Dealer and let our amplifiers speak loud and proud for themselves.

Our Awards

V4 Duchess

10/10 from Guitarist Magazine

V40 Duchess 

Gear of the Year – Guitarist Magazine

Gear of the Year – Guitar & Bass Magazine

Guitarist choice award

V40 Deluxe

Premier Gear Award – Premier Guitar

V130 Super Jack

Product Awards Finalist 2017 – MIA Awards

Guitarist Choice Award 2017

Gear of the Year 2017

VC35 Copper

Premier Guitar Premier Gear Award

v4 Sheriff Preamp

Guitarist Choice Award

Guitarist Gear of the Year Award

Sheriff 22

Gear of the Year Nominee 2017

9/10 Guitarist Choice Award

V4 Kraken Preamp

Premier Guitar Premier Gear Award

V4 Kraken Guitar Amp

Guitarist Gold 10/10 Review

VX Kraken

Guitarist Gear of the Year Winner



Victory Amps is born!

Victory Amplifiers launched with a three amp range. There was a 10w home & studio single channel combo (the Baron), a 50w 2 channel head (the Earl), and the flagship multi channel 100w head (the Duke). Everything was and is hand wired and assembled in the U.K.


The Silverback is launched.

The Silverback 50-watt head was designed with Rob Chapman.


The Countess arrives

Designed with Victory artist Guthrie Govan the Countess is launched.


The Duchess arrives

One of Victory’s most popular amp range is born with the launch of the V40 Duchess.



Rabea MassaadDesigned in collaboration with Rabea Massaad, Victory launched the VX Kraken into the wild!


Rob Chapman signature RD1 amp launches!

Rob Chapman RD1The simple yet versatile BD1 amp is launched.


Sheriff Amp range is launched

Sheriff 44 guitar headWith two versions the Sheriff range was created for no compromising Classic rock tone.


The Duchess range goes Deluxe…

V40 Deluxe Guitar amp headWe added the V40 deluxe to the Duchess family.


The Super Countess

V130 The Super Jack Guitar amp headMore wattage and clean headroom for the Countess family with the V130 Super Countess.


Victory teams up with Richie Kotzen

Richie KotzenThe RK50 head is launched with Richie Kotzen.


The Countess MKII

V30 MkII The Jack compact guitar headThe Countess gets an upgrade with a crunch mode and Nomod switch.


V4 Preamp pedals change the game!

Victory release the V4 all valve preamp pedals.


The Kraken family grows!

VX100 ShowcaseThe Kraken family evolves with the addition of the VX100 Super Kraken.


The Super Duchess is launched

V140 Super Duchess guitar headWith 100 Watts of all valve headroom for classic cleans, the V140 Super Duchess is launched and becomes a favourite of players like Chris Buck, Mick Taylor and Isaiah Sharkey.


The Copper Family arrives

V35 Copper Compact HeadThe Copper comes into the family to provide a classic British jangle sound to the Victory range.


The V4 Amp range is born!

V4 Amp range is launched with Duchess, 180 watts of power with a tube preamp, your Duchess sound anywhere and anytime!


Goodbye Countess….Welcome the Jack

The Countess changed its name to the Jack family to better describe the amps versatile tones and style.


Victory Two Notes Cabinets

Victory amps teamed up with the DynIR legends from Two notes to capture the Victory range of cabinets.


The V4 Copper arrives

The V4 copper preamp arrives into the preamp range.


The V4 Kraken amp is here

Teaming up with Two notes, we added their tech into the new V4 Kraken amp.


The V4 Amp Range is Complete!

After the success of the V4 Duchess and Kraken amp we finally complete the range with the Copper, Jack and Sheriff.


Victory enters the stompbox market!

We teamed up with Thorpy FX to launch the V1 family of stompboxes!


Welcome the updated Sheriff Family

The Sheriff range was updated with the Sheriff 25 and Super Sheriff.


Release the Kraken VX MKII!

Complete with a clean channel the MKII version of the Kraken VX was another hit!


The Deputy comes to town!

Designed in partnership with Peter Honore, the Deputy took NAMM 2024 by storm!


The MK Series, 10 Years of Victory!

10 years of amp building has lead to our most exciting amps, the MK Clean and MK Overdrive!

Meet our Chief Designer Martin Kidd

10/10 from Guitarist

“The V4 Kraken is a full-featured 180-watt stage-ready head, weighing less than two bags of sugar, that you can carry in a gigbag”

Gear of the Year from Guitarist

“We reckon the V4 Duchess is one of the ultimate compact guitar rigs.”

Premier Gear from Premier Guitar

“Magnificent ’60s-style Fender and Marshall tones from a single channel. Enough power and headroom for most gigs. Fine workmanship. Gorgeous reverb and tremolo. Fair price.”