What goes into these amplifiers

The MK family is a labour of love from Martin Kidd and the Victory team. This idea has been in the making for at least five years: Can we create the ultimate amps with no constraints on time, price, or materials?

After launching these amps at NAMM 2024, we have been refining and preparing our production for these amps to leave our factory. Below are just a few of the processes and features of these stunning amps.

The Design Process

From idea to production, every component and fitting is designed to achieve the best sound from an amp. All audio components are mounted on gold-plated turrets, elevated from the circuit boards for cooling and reliability. We use Belton Octal and Noval chassis-mount gold-plated valve bases throughout. These are the best valve sockets available, offering an extremely long service life and superior valve retention.

The transformers we use are hand-built in the UK by Demeter Transformers and custom-designed by Martin Kidd. These are among the finest available and significantly enhance the tone and feel of your amplifier.

The Designer

Martin Kidd made his first guitar amp in the early 1990s. Since then Martin has gone on to become one of the most influential & important British amp designers of the last 30 years, as chief designer for Victory & Cornford Amplification, consulting for brands like Fortin, Ampeg & PRS and working with some of the greatest guitar players in the world.

The MK series is a culmination of his wealth of experience in the guitar amp world, Martin was given the task of creating the ultimate clean and overdrive amplifier and the MK’s are his results.

Muirhead Scottish Leather

We are excited to partner with Muirhead Scottish Leather to provide the coverings for the MK amps. Muirhead has been producing fine luxury leather in Scotland for over 180 years. Their leather has graced the seats of the House of Lords and the House of Commons, Concorde, the QE2, the Orient Express, and Aston Martin and Land Rover cars. Now, we have added these exceptional leathers to the Victory family, keeping the entire amp designed and hand-built in the UK.

Your Own Unique Amplifier

One of the most exciting things about the MK family is the options for customising the look of your own amplifier. All the elements can be tailored to your specifications: the logo, the grill cloth, the speakers, the handles, the corners, and a multitude of Muirhead Scottish Leather colorings.

On each of the product pages, we have a customiser that you can use to pick your perfect amp. Once you have settled on the exact specifications, you can save your amplifier design by clicking the share button and copy the link. If you would like to enquire about ordering an MK, please fill out the form below and select your local dealer. If you can’t see one, leave it blank and someone will be in touch to start the process.

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Use the customiser to create an MK Design Link
Use the customiser to create an MK Design Link
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