Photos: Simon Whitehurst, Sophia Groves

Compact Series

Portable, affordable, on pro stages everywhere

VC35 The Copper

Chiming cleans to royal overdrive: a hot-rodded four EL84 head for pop, rock, roots and more

Sheriff 22

Classic British overdrive, Victory-style! Expect 1960s-style blues rock to 70s and 80s heavy rock and beyond

RK50 Richie Kotzen Signature

50 watts of straight-up rock with reverb and tremolo

DP40 The Duchess

A special-edition V40 The Duchess in arresting purple, with a slightly tweaked reverb section for Danish Pete! 


Small but mighty: 28 watts of all-valve tone fit for home, studio and stage. One channel, no messing!

VX The Kraken

Crushing clarity: a 50-watt box of glorious gain for hard rock, metal, extended-range and progressive players

V30 The Countess MKII

Power, Portability and incredible versatility: the Compact Series all-rounder

V40 The Duchess

So simple, so compelling: vintage-style American cleans through to vintage British break-up – and great with pedals, too!


Small but mighty: Chappers' marvellous mini head is fit for home, studio and stage

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