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Rob Chapman signature head: small but mighty, one channel, no messing

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Chappers' marvellous mini head is fit for home, studio and stage. Deceptively versatile rock tones with plug-and-go ease

This ultra compact, single-channel head is a superb rock machine for all-valve tone wherever you go. The dual EL84, fixed-bias power section delivers up to 28 watts in full power mode, and just 2 watts in low power. And it's only 263mm wide – smaller than an A4 sheet!

Chappers: "I wanted something that was affordable, doesn't compromise on tone and is made in England. It's a straight-ahead, giggable, no-nonsense valve amp: clean to scream at the turn of a knob."


RD1 Rob Chapman Sig Head

Single Channel, Single Gain

Just grab your guitar, plug in and rock out. The RD1’s overall range of gain goes from almost-clean (don’t expect big clean headroom!) to full-on rock distortion. Balancing the gain and master gets you to to your ideal gain sweet spot, while it all responds to your pickups and guitar volume pot like a dynamic valve amp should.

Countour, Bright & Deep

An interactive set of EQ controls with an incredible amount of versatility. Contour increases bass and decreases mids when turned clockwise (and vice versa), which takes you from mid-scooped metal tones to classic rock-approved vocal midrange. The Deep switch increases low frequency response in the power amp; Bright, yes, makes it brighter!

High & Low Power Modes

The fixed-bias power section delivers up to 28 watts in high power mode and just 2 watts in low power mode. Stage to bedroom no problem.

Effects Loop With Mix

The RD1’s series effects loop has a dedicated mix control so you can hear as much or as little of your loop effects as you like. A little or a lot – your choice.

Tech Spec

  • Format:

    Single channel all-valve head

  • Power:

    28/2 watts RMS

  • Valves:

    3 x 12AX7, 2 x EL84

  • Size (mm):

    263(w) x 170(h) x 195(d) including controls, handle and feet

  • Weight:

    6kg / 13.2lbs

  • Extra Features:
    • Bright switch
    • Deep switch
    • Contour control
    • Series effects loop with wet/dry mix control
    • High and low power modes
    • Padded carry bag included

User Guides

RD1 Rob Chapman Signature Compact Guitar Amp

Your guide to the RD1 Rob Chapman amp.

Download user guide

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