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RK100 Custom Limited Edition

Richie approached us in 2018 with a request for a no-holds-barred 100-watt amp for touring. He's signed 20 as a very limited edition.

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Following the great success of the Compact and Heritage Series RK50 models, we've teamed up with Richie Kotzen again for this very special run of amps.

Richie approached us in 2018 with a request for a no-holds-barred 100-watt amp for touring that evoked the sounds and feel of the classic, late-1960s British rock heads, but with a few usability tweaks and – of course – Martin Kidd's unmistakeable sonic stamp. They have since graced stages all over the world, giving voice to Richie's incredible touch and expressive playing style.

Alongside his own heads, we have built 20 identical limited edition amps for sale, complete with a signed number panel by Richie himself. These are they…


Bright and normal channels

Instead of a traditional four-input, two-channel design, the RK100 has a single input and a switch that enables you to use the channels either independently, or mixed together. If you want it really sparkly, the bright channel also has an additional pull bright function.

Master volume

The days of cranking a 100-watt valve head to high volumes regularly are all but gone, but there’s still so much to enjoy in the headroom and response of a big power section. And if you want gain at lower volumes… just use the master!

3 Band EQ

Classic, three-band passive EQ to dial in the tone, response and gain character that suits you best. In addition, the global presence control can be used for a final tweak to suit your particular playing environment.

FX Loop

The RK100 has a series effects loop should you want to run delay, reverb or whatever time-based effects that work best after the preamp gain. You can also switch the loop out of the circuit if you don’t want to use it.

High/Low power

You can attenuate the RK100 down to 30 watts using the low-power mode. It enables the power section to get into overdrive at lower volumes for a more compressed dynamic response with different feel characteristics.

Valve Bias

The RK100 can use either EL34 or 6L6 power valves. There is a global bias range switch on the inside top chassis, then you can test and adjust the precise bias externally, safely and quickly.

Tech Spec

  • Limited Edition:

    There will be 20 RK100 amps in this limited edition, each individually numbered and signed by Richie Kotzen.

  • Price:

    GBP£1999 plus shipping
    Please note import duty may apply outside UK/EU

  • Format:

    100-watt all-valve guitar amplifier head

  • Power:

    100 watts full power / 30 watts low power

  • Valves:

    Power amp: 4 x EL34/6L6
    Preamp: 3 x 12AX7/ECC83

  • Transformers:

    Custom wound and designed in-house

  • Size:

    480(w) x 235(h) x 235mm(d) inc. handle, feet & controls

  • Weight:

    12.5kg / 27.5lbs

  • Extra Features:
    • Two mixable channels, Bright and Normal
    • Additional pull bright on the Bright channel
    • Classic 3-band EQ
      Master volu​me
    • Series effects loop
    • High and low power modes (100w/30w)
    • Can use EL34 or 6L6 valves (bias switch inside)
    • External bias test and adjustment points for output valves

User Guides

RK100 Richie Kotzen signature amplifier head

Your guide to the RK100 Richie Kotzen signature amplifier head.

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