Chris Buck

Cardinal Black/Buck & Evans

Chris Buck Duchess

“I think I knew pretty early on” admits British guitarist Chris Buck. “That first moment of being able to replicate what was coming out of my old man’s stereo had a huge effect on me. I knew right then that I wanted to be a musician”.

Fast forward to 2021 and Chris finds himself atop the iTunes album rock charts with his new band Cardinal Black, having been voted ‘Best New Guitarist’ and ‘Best Blues Guitarist’ in successive years by the readers of Guitarist Magazine. “It’s folly to attach numbers to music but if nothing else, it’s incredibly flattering to see that people enjoy what you do!” says Chris of the accolade.

Despite being known for his work with Fender, Yamaha, Ernie Ball and Line 6; a hugely popular YouTube series soon to exceed 20 million views and guitar greats being quick to express their admiration of Chris’s playing – (“this guy’s a fu*king awesome guitar player!” – Slash), Chris insists that he doesn’t crave the spotlight.

“From that first moment I played in front of a crowd, I never wanted to be the ‘virtuoso guitar guy” says Chris. “All of my favourite musicians were very much part of a band; that sense of interaction and spontaneity is incomparable. Making music with your mates; there’s no better feeling…”


There’s an immediacy and responsiveness to the Super Duchess that although incredibly revealing - "with great power [amp] comes great responsibility” etc - is immensely rewarding when you get it right.'