Duchess Family / V140 Super Duchess

V140 Super Duchess

Huge clean headroom or vintage drive in an incredibly responsive single channel amp. One for the feel players… and then some.

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Based on our V40 Deluxe but with 100 watts of glorious 6L6 headroom, long-tank spring reverb and an extra Mid Kick option

Our V40 Deluxe is enough for most… but lovers of high-headroom dynamics asked us for more.
We delivered with V140 The Super Duchess offering classic American cleans through to pushed tweedy grit and driven British blues-rock. We also added a valve-driven long tank spring reverb for ultimate depth, plus an extra Mid Kick position for those giant, expressive cleans with body and sustain to spare.


V140 Super Duchess guitar head

Single Channel & Voice Switch

Go from massive Californian tones with single coils, through to a driven mid-’60s British drive all in one channel. Voice II strengthens the midrange at the input for more punch and cut. Compared with V40 Deluxe, V140 is bigger, stronger, fuller and more strident across the board for those who want it.

Mid Kick

Works in conjunction with the middle pot to boost midrange frequencies in the EQ section. The more you push the mid pot, the more it pushes overdriven sounds, especially with humbuckers. Position 2 is new (compared with V40 Deluxe) and is extra strident and cutting. Beautiful clarity with cleans too.

Long-Tank Spring Reverb

V140 has a valve-driven-and-recovered long-tank spring reverb, for authentic, vintage-style ’verb. We’ve also included a Tone pot on the reverb that enables you to go from smooth, dark ambience to much more bright and ‘springy’ sounds. The reverb is also footswitchable on and off.

Valve-Driven Tremolo

​Tremolo was one of the first ever guitar effects that’s been put to stunning use in everything from blues, rock’n’roll, country, rock, Americana, pop and more. It’s much loved in the V40 Deluxe, so we included it here as well. A little or a lot, especially with reverb – utterly addictive!

Low Power Mode

If 100 watts is too huge for some environments, you can switch down to 30 watts. It’s still plenty loud but the feel and dynamics are different, enabling you to explore different sounds and textures either standalone or with your favourite pedals.

V140 S Duchess Back Panel

Series Effects Loop

The hard-bypassable effects loop enables you to use delays, reverbs etc after the preamp section of the amp to keep them clean sounding, especially if you use drive in the amp. V140 is a fantastic pedal platform either straight in the front or using the loop.

Tech Spec

  • Format:

    Single-channel head

  • Power:

    96 Watts high power / 30 watts low power

  • Valves:

    2 x 12AX7, 2 x 12AT7, 4 x 6L6

  • Size (mm):

    Unboxed 490(w) x 295(h) x 257(d) (includes feet, handle, corners)

  • Weight:

    17.6kg / 38.7lbs (unboxed)

  • Extra features:
    • Footswitchable spring reverb with tone control
    • Output bias tremolo
    • Three-position Mid Kick switch
    • Voice I & II switch
    • Series effects loop with hard bypass
    • External bias test points and adjustment
    • Two-button footswitch (reverb/tremolo)
    • Slip cover included

User Guides

V140 Super Duchess head

Your guide to the V140 Super Duchess head

Download user guide

Artists who use

Chris Buck Duchess

Chris Buck

Cardinal Black/Buck & Evans

Peter Honore


Austin Johnson

Harper & Midwest Kind

David D'Andrade

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