28 watts of all-valve tone fit for home, studio and stage. Smaller than an A4 sheet of paper

The BD1 is exactly the same as the RD1 Rob Chapman Signature Head, but in standard black finish. One channel, no messing


Ultra compact and single-channel, BD1 is a superb sounding rock machine designed for real, all-valve tone wherever you go. Despite the tiny box, the dual-EL84, fixed-bias power section delivers up to 28 watts in full power mode, and just 2 watts in low power. And it's only 263mm wide – smaller than an A4 sheet of paper and super easy to fly with.

Single Channel, Single Gain

Just grab your guitar, plug in and rock out. The BD1's overall range of gain goes from almost-clean (don't expect big clean headroom!) to full-on rock distortion. Balancing the gain and master gets you to to your ideal gain sweet spot, while it all responds to your pickups and guitar volume pot like a dynamic valve amp should.

Countour, Bright & Deep

An interactive set of EQ controls with an incredible amount of versatility. Contour increases bass and decreases mids when turned clockwise (and vice versa), which takes you from mid-scooped metal tones to classic rock-approved vocal midrange. The Deep switch increases low frequency response in the power amp; Bright, yes, makes it brighter!

High & Low Power Modes

The fixed-bias power section delivers up to 28 watts in high power mode and just 2 watts in low power mode. Stage to bedroom no problem.

Effects Loop With Mix

The BD1's series effects loop has a dedicated mix control so you can hear as much or as little of your loop effects as you like. A little or a lot – your choice.

BD1 key features & specification
Format:  Single channel all-valve head
Power: 28/2 watts RMS
Valves: 3 x 12AX7, 2 x EL84
Size (mm): 263(w) x 170(h) x 195(d) including controls, handle and feet
Weight: 6kg / 13.2lbs
Extra features
  • Bright switch

  • Deep switch

  • Contour control

  • Series effects loop with wet/dry mix control

  • High and low power modes

  • Padded carry bag included


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