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VX The Kraken

A 50-watt box of glorious gain for hard rock, metal, extended-range and progressive players

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VX The Kraken packs a versatile 50-watt power section that you can use at home, in the studio or on the biggest stages

Our grey two-channel monster starts with classic British-inspired rhythm tones in Gain I mode. Gain II sears on into tight, aggressive American high-gain grind, perfect for progressive and extended-range players. One for the gain addicts, VX The Kraken pushes all the boundaries of what you can expect from a 'small' amp. It'll even travel as hand luggage when you fly.


Two Footswitchable Channels

Gain I begins with British-inspired drive; plenty of hair and friendly mids to suit anything from classic rock to metal. Gain II is tighter and more aggressive with a more modern midrange voice.

Assignable, Dual Master Volume

Assign Master I to Gain I and Master II to Gain II when you change channels… or have the masters completely independent to switch between at will, no matter which channel you’re using. Your choice!

Bass Focus Switch

This is much more than a bass EQ. It works in the power section of the amp, offering either a tighter, more focussed bottom end, or conversely more loose and resonant depending on your needs and tastes.

Flexible Footswitching

Two channels, two masters plus your effects loop. Switch it any way you want using the supplied footswitches, or – like Rabea – via remote jacks on your pedal switching system.

Low Power AND Single Ended

There are two ways to tame the beast. The front panel switch offers a low power mode for around 9 watts. In addition, you can use the single-ended mode which switches to just one or other of the power valves (use them evenly to keep the wear roughly equal). Low power and single-ended together is taking you down below 2 watts RMS.

6L6 or EL34 Power Valves

You can choose to run either EL34 or 6L6 power valves. They offer subtly different tonal characteristics in terms of power stage overdrive and also overall frequency response. Notice we said subtle! There’s a bias range switch to get you in the right ballpark, but precise bias adjustment is also advised whenever you change power valves.

Tech Spec

  • Format:

    Two-channel/mode all-valve head

  • Power:

    50/15/9/2 watts RMS

  • Valves:

    4 x 12AX7, 2 x 6L6 as standard

  • Size (mm):

    342(w) x 185(h) x 185(d)

  • Weight:

    8.2kg / 18lbs

  • Extra features:
    • Footswitchable gain modes ‘Gain I’ & ‘Gain II’
    • Footswitchable master volumes
    • ‘Bass focus’ switch
    • Series effects loop
    • High and low power modes
    • Single-ended mode
    • Power valves switchable to EL34
    • Padded carry bag included

User Guides

VX Kraken compact guitar head manual

Your guide to the VX Kraken compact head.

Download user guide

Artists who use

Rabea live

Rabea Massaad

Joe Rowley Insurgent Kraken

Joseph Rowley


Dan Oglesby

Skarlett Riot

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